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Sometimes our only way is jumping...

I hope you're not afraid of heights.

Gavin DeGraw Fans
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A community for fans of Gavin DeGraw to congregate.

Just a few guidelines to keep things running smoothly:

+Abide by the Live Journal TOS.

+Post all you want, but if you want to advertise for Non-Gavin related communities or sites, please ask me first. I don't mind non-Gavin topics and discussions.

+Besides the advertising post all you want! I encourage pictures, show reviews, news, tour dates, tv appearances, and all that jazz. If you have pics of Gavin be sure to cross-post the photos to degraw_daily (Photos only).

+This is by NO MEANS REQUIRED but, if you don't mind, it would be cool if you put a link to this comm in your userinfo or anywhere actually, to spread the word. You can use this LJ tag, take out the *'s <*lj user="gavindegraw"*>.

Thanks to psst_shutup for the community banners now available for everyone to use. You can check out this post for instructions on how to use them. Thanks Jac!

Links to the very few other Gavin sites, communities and boards. If you have a Gavin site or know of one, not listed, mail me to have it added.