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Manchester 19th November

Hey everyone
I'm desperately looking for 2 tickets to see Gavin in Manchester on the 19th of November...i looked up on ebay and there are none, and on the other sold-out shows tickets sites they cost no less than £ 60 each!
If you have 1 or 2 spare tickets or know someone who has, and are willing to sell it for an affordable price, please contact either here on LJ or by email : liza88[at]hotmail[dot]it

In Bed With Gavin DeGraw Vlog

Apparently, a videographer is traveling with Gavin while in Europe. Gavin posted another Vlog today on his My Space page.

Description: Gavin DeGraw takes fans on a journey through the wide world of tour bus sleeping arrangements.

Enjoy, Tina
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Gavin Kicks Off European Tour In Stockholm

Gavin kicked off his European tour today in Stockholm. He stopped by Mix Megapol for a radio interview and performance of Cheated on Me. . .

Photos of Gavin with the Mix Megapol radio personalities. . .

Later he performed at the Annex in Stockholm. Here's a video of an absolutely beautiful performance of Belief by Gavin.

Please visit my blog at www.GavinsFanGirl.blogspot.com.

Enjoy, Tina
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Check Out Gavin's New Tour Bus VLog

Gavin DeGraw just posted a new VLog on my space TV. It's absolutely hilarious. Check out his new tour bus. He's becoming more earthy. . . getting back to basics, you could say. . .

What do you think about the new concert venu? As for myself, I would still go to see Gavin, despite the venue. . .

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Gavin is #17 on VH1 Video Count Down

Yes, yes. . . We did it! Gavin DeGraw's Cheated on Me is number 17 this week on VH1's video count down. And for Archie fans, he remains #1.

Here's a note from Gavin regarding the Cheated on Me Video:

Also here's a widget you most likely have already seen, prompting viewers to vote for Gavin on VH1. Please use if you like.

Have a Great Day, Tina
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